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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Balto Ligatek - Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace

The new Balto Ligatek knee brace for dogs is from Italy, and offers a fantastic solution for canine cruciate ruptures and tears and well as patella dislocation. The Balto Ligatek is a knee brace for dogs that offers support Stability as well as comfort, with minimul straps and complication. The Balto® Ligatek is carefully designed to stabilise your dog's post-traumatic or acquired knee joint deficiency. With its adjustable hinges, the user can control the ROM (range of motion) and lock the joint into full immobilization or controlled degrees of flexion/extension. This enables the treatment of a variety of needs in a versatile way. The brace's width and length can be adjusted thanks to our trimmable straps, and the upper and lower padding can be extended or shortened to ensure an excellent fit around the leg.

Recommended for:

  • Post-operative care in cases of cranial-caudal cruciate ligaments deficiency (TPLO, TTA surgical procedures), patellar surgical procedures (solcoplastic, tibial tuberosity transposition, fracture), extracapsular technique, and patellar tendon synthesis.
  • Conservative treatment usage as an alternative to surgery for conditions such as cranial and caudal cruciate ligament injury and/or tear, traumatic or acquired collateral ligaments deficiency, joint capsule trauma, and patellar dislocation
  • Adjustable hinges and padding
  • Trimmable straps
  • Hand washable (always remove padded parts before washing)
  • Available in 3 sizes and as left or right knee


Medium 15 - 30 kg 26 - 31 cm 10 - 16 cm cm
Large 28 - 50 kg 29 - 34 cm 12 - 18 cm 15 - 21 cm
X-Large Over 50 kg Over 36 cm 16 - 23 cm
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