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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Biko Physio Brace for CDRM and Nerve Damage in Dogs

The Biko physio brace for dogs has been designed to help dogs with CDRM, nerve damage and general rear leg weaknesses continue to walk and exercise. The biko physio brace for dogs also helps prevent muscle wasting in dogs, which is so important with dogs suffering from CDRM and nerve damage. It is easy to use, effective and will help dogs gain control of their hind limbs, increase their exercise level, and tone and strengthen muscles.
The Biko physio brace PR (Progressive Resistance) Bands System can also be used by canine athletes and working dogs, the same way professional athletes use weight and resistance training. Degenerative myelopathy (CDRM) is not uncommon, particularly in the German Shepherd, Boxer and Pembroke Corgi. It is a difficult condition to manage either medically or surgically. Whilst the progression of the degeneration can be delayed by dietary supplements, treatment options are very limited.

Niko® Canine Physio Brace Set

The Biko Canine Physio Brace Set consists of:
  • 1 pair flexible Braces Intensity 1
  • 1 pair flexible Braces Intensity 2
  • 1 pair Adapters
  • 1 pair Cuffs
  • 1 Manual incl. Training-Instructions
The Braces Nr. 1 will work, depending on usage, from 2 to 5 months. The should be replaced afterwards by the Braces Nr. 2.

biko® Replacement Braces

Depending on usage, the flexible Braces have a durability of 2-5 months. You can order the flexible Braces pairwise in Intensity 1 or 2, for the Sizes 1-7.

biko® Cuffs

The biko Cuffs can be also ordered pairwise separately in Size 1-4.

biko® Therapy Set

For Veterinaries and Vet. Physiotherapists we have created a special Therapy Set. Content:
  • 21 pairs of flexible Braces - 7 Sizes in 3 Intensities
  • 4 pairs Adapters
  • 4 pairs Cuffs
  • 4 Harness
  • Replacement Carbines
  • Useful Information


Patented, proved, approved! Thanks to a big number of positive feedback by Veterinaries and Vet-Physiotherapists, the biko® Canine PhysioBrace is able to say so.

  • Movement disorder of the hind limbs, caused by various clinical pictures
  • Increasing Problems by getting up
  • Myatrophy (Atrophy of the muscles)
  • Unsteady Gait (mainly hind limbs)
  • postoperative rehabilitation after joint-surgical intervention
  • Obvious and persistent improvement of the gait-performance
  • Reflex-Training
  • Reduction of falls
  • Reduction of atactic movements
  • Reduction of toe-grinding (proprioceptive deficit)
  • Prevents from wide striding backwards (increasing muscle work to stretch the biko® Canine PhysioBrace)
  • Muscle Growth
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