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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Carpo Flex Sports Wrap for Dogs with Weak Wrists

The Therapaws carpo flex sports wrap has been designed for dogs with weak or injured wrists, as a little extra support makes it easier to get through the day. The carpo-flex sports wrap is Designed to stabilize and support the dogs wrist (carpus) and helps mitigate the pain of arthritis, provides mild support following splint or cast removal, reduces carpal deviations or overextension, and protects against re-injury.

Carpo Flex Sports Wrap

The Carpo-Flex is designed to be used during normal daily activity - even if that means agility training or other strenuous work- and it can be trimmed to provide a custom fit.

As the sports wrap is made of neoprene it is also ideal for use in the water.

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