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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Dog Hip Dysplasia Brace - Balto Life

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a very common, painful orthopaedic condition.

The ball at the top of thigh bone (femur) doesn't sit well in socket of the hip joint. Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition. Although some breeds are more vulnerable to it than others - e.g. rapidly growing large breeds - any dog can develop it. 

Hip dysplasia braces for dogs can be part of a conservative management strategy to help your dog live with hip dysplasia, particularly if surgery's not an option. The Balto Hip brace is a dog hip brace that's a fantastic solution to help dogs that suffer from hip dislocation, arthritis, mild to moderate hip dysplasia, decreased endurance during activity, hip pain, lower back pain or weakness and back leg limping. This hip brace works well for either pre- or post-operative support, and your dog can continue all normal activity including swimming while wearing it.

Hip dysplasia in puppies can sometimes be seen in large breed dogs who've grown too quickly. The brace is also great for puppies and young dogs who suffer from low back pain and early hip dysplasia symptoms. The brace also supports the low back and hip area for dogs recovering from surgery or injury. The support and stability provided by the brace helps decrease pain and inflammation while still allowing your dog freedom of movement.


The Balto Hip brace for dogs helps dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. It's designed to reduce pain by exerting bilateral compression on the hips. It's effective for all degrees of dysplasia including degree E (the most severe). It is also used for other pathologies (hip arthrosis/osteoarthritis for example).

It's an excellent alternative to surgery in cases where the dog cannot be operated. Made of breathable and washable material that is both retentive and compressive, Balto LIFE comes with 2 handles that are adjustable in length. These can be hooked to the brace in case of need and the owner can use them to help the dog get into or out of a car or on stairs (similar to a rear lift harness). The handles can be removed if they're unnecessary. 




BT Life consists of 2 rigid disks lined with a double layer of soft high density material. These disks act to compress both hips, increasing body temperature in the zone, and thus reducing the pain caused to the dog by hip dysplasia. Constant use of the brace leads to improved well-being in the life of the dog, because it works to reduce various effects of the dysplasia.


  • Reduced pain thanks to bilateral compression of the hips.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Easy fit.
  • Hand washable.
  • Adjustable straps and handles.


Available in five adjustable sizes.

Examples of Breed and Weight Please measure and if unsure of the size, contact us before ordering

  • XS Dachshund Fox Miniature Poodle (about 5 to 9 kg or 11 to 20 Lb)
  • S Cavalier King Charles (about 10 to 16 kg or 21 to 35 Lb)
  • M Border collie (about 17 to 29 kg or 36 to 63 Lb)
  • L Labrador, German Shepherd (about 30 to 50 kg or 64 to 110 Lb)
  • XL Saint Bernard €“ Great Dane (about >50 kg or >110 Lb)
Sizes Circumference (cm) Circumference (inch)
XS 15-20 cm 6 8 inch
S 21-30 cm 8 1/4 12 inch
M 31-35 cm 12 1/4 14 inch
L 36-45 cm 14 1/4 18 inch
XL 46-55 cm 18 1/4 22 inch

Measure the circumference of the leg at the level of the groin with a tape measure.


Open all the straps, place the brace facing the dog's rear legs and slip it on like a harness.



Before closing the straps check that the disks are correctly positioned at the hips.


Now slide the straps inside the white rings and close them on themselves, tightening them strongly to ensure proper compression.


If the straps are too long you can shorten them, removing the Velcro end and cutting the excess material.

Then put the Velcro part back on and tighten the straps so that they close near the back and not around the brace. It is important for the brace to be very tightly closed.


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