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Dog Massage - For Canine Arthritis, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Canine Joint Pain.

Dog Massage - For Canine Arthritis, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Canine Joint Pain.


Why Dogs Need Massage

Dogs are just like people; during their lifetimes, they will experience bumps and bruises, injuries, or serious trauma. Sometimes, however, after such injuries are treated and healed by a veterinarian, your dog may continue to continue to experience residual negative effects. These effects can be incorrect posture and movement, a decrease in muscle flexibility, or an imbalance in the blood circulation. Eventually, these residual negative effects can accumulate to cause a noticeable decline in your dog's overall well-being energy, and zest for life. Even if your dog has never suffered an obvious injury, it is getting older, and chances are that it has dug at least one hole too energetically or jumped off the sofa the wrong way or met an unsociable cat face-to-face. For the aging dog, massage can get that old sparkle back and make them feel special. On the other hand, massage will benefit even the healthiest, most rambunctious dog, enhancing their talents and improving their well-being and longevity.

When you hear the word massage, you probably think of spas, luxury, lots of discretionary money to spend, and feeling-good benefits! It's true that some massage methods fit this description. What the Lang System uses, however, is wellness massage. This type of massage offers real benefits that can help your dog physically, emotionally and mentally. This style of massage will improve and enhance a large number of functions in the physical body. Two of the most critical functions are blood circulation and the animal€™s general well being.

Blood circulation Massage helps to open blood vessels, which in turn improves blood circulation. Better blood circulation means more oxygen and nutrients can be distributed throughout the dog's body. In addition, the stronger blood flow can push out more waste and toxins that may be making your dog sick.

Muscle maintenance - Among other numerous benefits, massage helps to loosen tight, constricted muscles, decrease pain, increase range-of-motion, and restore proper tone. Think of your dog as an athlete. If muscles remain tight for a long time, a dog's body feels tension/stiffness/pain; less blood will be able to reach these muscles, and the dog may start to stand, walk and run using poor muscle strategies.


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