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Green Lipped Mussels for Dogs Joint Pain and Inflammation

Green lipped mussels are from New Zealand, and as the name suggests they have a green edge, or lip around the border of their shells. The green lipped mussel is found in the beautiful crystal clear waters off New Zealand, and the Maoris (the native people of New Zealand) have been using the mussels for their incredible health benefits for centuries. The green lipped mussel contains the purest and most potent source of omega-3 fatty acid on earth, which is why the mussels are so fantastic for joint health.


Fatty acids are essential for dogs and can only be absorbed from their food. There are two kinds of fatty acid: omega-3s and omega-6s. Most of our dogs have an imbalance of the ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, mainly because omega-6 sources are cheaper for manufacturers and more readily available. The reason omega-3 fatty acids are essential for dogs with joint disease and joint pain, is because they naturally lower inflammation with none of the harmful side effects your dog may experience from chemical medications. Less inflammation means less pain, stiffness for any dogs suffering from joint disease and joint pain. From our experience, the best natural anti inflammatory supplements for dogs on the market are the Winstons pain formula and Winstons joint system for dogs. Both of these contain the green lipped mussel extract in high potency. The Winstons supplements all contain human grade ingredients, unlike so many other inferior supplements that are often unfit for human consumption. I wouldn't want to give my dog supplements that were unfit for humans, would you? 

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