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How Swimming Benefits You Dog

The benefits of swimming and moving in water on the physical body are well known and have been used for centuries. Because of the increased resistance to movement, a 5 minute swim is equivalent to about a 5 mile run. The buoyancy of water supports and lessons stress on the joints, encourages freer movement and provides a safe environment for exercise.

Microfibre Dog Bath Robe

A client will seek canine hydrotherapy for reasons that include geriatrics and arthritis, paralysis and other mobility issues, pre and post surgical rehabilitation, injury prevention and rehabilitation, helping obesity, dysplasia, increasing body awareness, balance, and coordination and to just plain help fitness and muscle tone. Beach and river swimming are just as good as a hydrotherapy clinic for keeping your dog fit, and you can buy some gorgeous accessories for your dog like these from Surf Dog Australia below..

If you want to treat your dog to some great swimming accessories, we sell waterproof dog collars, waterproof leads and dog dressing gowns for keeping warm after swimming. Our dog dressing gowns are from Surf Dog Australia and are made of micro fibre towelling. The waterproof dog collars keep your dog comfortable and sand free after going to the beach They can be rinsed off under running water to clean.

Integumentary System:
This system speaks of our skin, the largest organ of the body which wraps and protects our entire being. Water increases circulation which can help skin and coat condition and can help stimulate all the touch receptors.

Muscular System:
Water increases relaxation which can help pain and spasms. When moving in water, the resistance is 15 - 20 times that of moving in air so muscles are being used without the stresses of weight bearing. An efficient and safe way to exercise and build muscle.

Nervous System:
Water can calm and sooth the nervous system, decrease stress. Water can stimulate the sensations of joint position and re-establish sensation channels.

Circulatory System:
Warm water can increase body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation and detoxification, delivering nutrients and oxygen and carrying away wastes. Buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure counters the effects of gravity, increases return from lower extremities, increases blood volume centralization. Soft tissue is compressed which increases circulation, lymph movement, oxygen in the blood and respiration.

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