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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Hunnyboots V3 - Set of Two Greyhounds Boots - Now Available in UK

Greyhound Hunnyboots for dogs are the new revolutionary boot for greyhounds and whippets! Sold in a set of two boots. These have a hardwearing yet flexible sole that is shaped for your greyhound's unique 'hare' foot. The V3 has a taller toe-box, giving a little more room for a sighthound's high knuckles. They feature a robust, full length zipper to easily slip your greyhound's feet into the boot, and a stronger and thicker Velcro strap designed to sit below the dew claw and hold the boot firmly in place. They are fully lined with a breathable mesh outer shell, so can be worn for extended hours without concern for sweating feet. They feature a narrower, reinforced heel and side supports to help stop the annoying 'boot twist'.
They're great for grip on all surfaces; wet parks, hot pavements even ice and surface snow. While they're not waterproof they do dry out very quickly, just like your own sneakers. Add a Toe Cap - Designed to fit all sizes of Hunnyboots, the universal toe cap is made specifically for Greyhounds that have had the Flexor Tenotomy procedure. Fondly called 'flat footers', these greyhound's toes are flat post surgery, even elevated, creating spear-like toe nails capable of prematurely wearing out or even piercing most fabrics. They are also susceptible to snagging these wayward toes during play and general zooming activity. The custom moulded black silicone toe cap fits snugly inside the toe of a Hunnyboots shoe and is held in place by the greyhounds toenails and a weight-bearing foot. It also enables an unnaturally elongated foot through surgery to be properly held in place. Sold individually, please select the quantity you need and add it to your boot purchase.
At Zoomadog we also supply the Hunnyboots Fashound Sox and the Hunnyboots Slippers. The socks are custom designed and made specifically for Greyhounds and their narrow legs. No more trying to find baby socks and folding up the heel, these don't have a heel and they fit like a glove actually they fit like a sock! Made from 86% cotton with 12% spandex and 2% polyester, they help with sensitive paws, give a little extra padding under boots and most beneficially, stinky boots syndrome! Any regular boot wearer will know that constant wearing of boots barefoot will lead to funky smelling feet and footwear just like us humans. The solution is socks that you can pop in the wash with everything else (except white shirts!). They come in three lengths to fit every Greyhound. Ankle for smaller hounds and Crew for medium to large boys and girls. If you really want to impress, step out in the Knee Highs and look every part the cross-fit enthusiast! Available in Black
Find Hunnyboots here
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