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Magnetic Dog Collars and The Benefits for Your Dogs

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of magnetic fields for treatment of various medical conditions. Used in human medicine for a long time, it has recently also become more popular in treating animals. Magnetic therapies are created through pulsed electromagnetic fields or permanent magnets. These magnets come in many sizes and strengths based on the size of the dog, the condition being treated, and the length of the treatment.

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Magnetic therapies heal the dogs body by restoring effective circulation and eliminating inflammation. Increased blood flow to a diseased part of the dogs body encourages an increase in nutrients to that location, speeding up the healing process. While magnetic therapies cannot cure all medical problems, they are an inexpensive, non-invasive, and safe option to use in healing. Magnetic Therapy Procedure in Dogs There are two primary modes of magnetic therapy: use of magnets themselves, and the use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). Permanent or static magnets come in many sizes and are available in the shapes of bars, beads, and strips. These magnets are affixed with glue or tape to the affected area for a specific amount of time. Permanent magnets are often implemented in popular canine supplies like dog collars, jackets, mats, and beds. PEMF therapy uses a pulsing current that flows through a coiled wire to create a magnetic field. It is imperative that PEMF therapy is administered daily in consecutive sessions. Many veterinarians will place the dog in a pulsed signal therapy device where the pulse signal is emitted. It is a safe, painless process that, over time, may improve your dog's health. The most simple way to administer magnetic therapy to your dog is by using a magnetic dog collar. Our Magentic Dog Collar Features a powerful 2000 Gauss rare earth magnet, the Magnetic Dog Collar can penetrate up to 8cm, helping to improve blood circulation in dogs. When the collar is placed around your pet's neck, a magnetic field is created around them and this energy is absorbed in the carotid artery that supplies blood to the areas around the head and neck of the pet. It also improves blood circulation in the whole body, with an increase of blood flow having anti-inflammatory effects on affected tissues and organs, encouraging new cell growth at the same time. Our specially designed magnetic collar for dogs is made of tough nylon webbing, providing extra reliability as well as ensuring comfort for your pet. Designed to be efficient, reliable and comfortable to wear, the Animate Magnetic Dog Collar may help improve magnetic therapy for dogs suffering from arthritis, stiffness, muscular pain, stress, bowel disorders, fractures and more, suitable for use with both dogs and puppies. 

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