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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Paws Rubber Disposable Dog Boots

Paws Rubber Disposable Dog Boots are a fantastic solution to protect paws from allergens, mud wet while also protecting wounds from infection.

Your Dog's Good Health Starts with Clean Paws 

We all know that the most exciting part of your dog's day is getting outside for their walk. But hazards are around in the form of searing hot pavement, freezing temperatures, dog run bacteria, allergens and stuff. This stuff that can be ingested upon licking or brought into your home. And you don't want the stuff on your bed, carpeting or you. Our friends€™ sensitive paws must be protected from exposure to extreme weather conditions that can damage the health of your pet.

Year-Round Protection

Pawz Dog Boots provides Protection Year-Round in both the winter from ice, snow melt, salt, and street chemicals while in the summer from hot pavement, sand and trails.

Maintained Health

They maintain their Health by keeping their paws from collecting allergens, chemicals and mud that will prevent them from licking their paws and ingesting these dangerous elements.

Clean Homes

You can maintain a Clean Home by not tracking the mess that gets on your carpet, furniture, bed and family.

Pawz dog boots are the perfect product to protect your dogs paws from grass allergies, chemicals on roads, extreme road temperatures, to keep paws dry if there are sores or injuries, or just to keep the car and house clean after exercise. The design is a snug, stretchy and comfortable. These lightweight boots are worn like a sock, and the material is thick and is made of natural rubber. The boots are disposable and biodegradable yet also reusable. The Pawz boots are waterproof and will keep your dogs paws completely dry. Image result for pawz dog boots

Sold in packs of 12 reusable boots

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