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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

Walkabout Protective Dog Boots

Why do we need protective dog boots?

Dog's paws are much tougher than our feet they are tough enough for them to run around on gravel, rocks, ice and snow without discomfort. There are times however when your dogs paws could do with some protective dog boots, just as some added comfort against the rough ground to prevent cracked pads and wounds. Listed below are our top three protective dog boots.

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Each one would be used for slightly different occasions, as we have protective dogs boots very similar to human trainers, as well lighter coverings like our Pawz boots. We also have protective dog boots to be used on dogs with existing paw injures, corns or long tern issues like old age and arthritis. Firstly our top protective dog boot. The Therapaw Protective Dog Boot.

The Therapaw Protective dog boot has ultra-cushioned interior pad which alleviates pain, reduces lameness, and promotes more even weight distribution. The perforated top sole and eye-hole design allow the paw to breathe, reducing moisture build-up at the injured site. These boots are sold individually.
These boots are great for dogs that suffer from corns, dogs that need protection for wounds or injuries to the paw to prevent infection, dogs that have has toes amputated and general protection from the environment (ice/ snow/ chemicals/ allergens).
The second top boots we love are the Walker Active Protective Dog Boots. We love these as they are just like little trainers for your dog and they are priced low. As well as being fantastic in the snow and ice, the Active Protective Boots provide your dog with the support and protection their paws need especially after an injury. These protective dog boots feature robust grip for non-slip hold and are ideal for use on stony ground, tarmac or hot sand. The boots have a non slip grip sole and reflective side strips for added safety.
Lastly but not at all least we love our Walkabout Protective dog boot, as they are lightweight and the size range is huge! So they are sure to fit all breeds no matter how large. Walkabout Protective Dog Boots help prevent scrapes from dragging the toes, as well as helping stubborn wounds heal. Walkabouts hug the dogs paws and fit like a glove. Enabling your pet to run normally and not trip on a bulky shoe. Trusted and recommended by veterinary hospitals worldwide.
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