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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
Walkabout Knee Brace for Dogs

Walkabout Knee Brace for Dogs

If you want to buy a knee support for your dog because they have a full or partial tear, the walkabout cruciate brace is a lightweight, close fitting support that protects and stabilises the knee joint in comfort. The Walkabout dog cruciate brace can be used to treat minor to major joint issues ranging from overuse, cranial cruciate ligament tears, luxating (dislocating) patella and arthritis. This brace provides light to medium support to the joint, if you want maximum support look at our splinted cruciate knee brace (firm Support)

The Walkabout Knee brace for dogs will keep the joint compressed and stabilized to alleviate inflammation which will give the joint a chance to heal. In cases of mild instability, the joint is held secure. The brace should be worn during active times and taken off for quiet times and when your pet is sleeping. Please remove when no one is home.

A Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.
B Measure the circumference of the upper thigh (back leg) at the point where it meets the body.
H Measure the circumference 1" above the knee. Dogs under 15lbs measure 1/2" above knee.
G Measure the circumference 1" below the knee.


A abdomen 7"-12" 9"-12" 9"-15" 12"-20" 18"-26" 25"-29" 30"-35" 31"-35"
B upper thigh 3.5"-5.5" 4"-6" 7"-8" 8"-11" 9"-14" 12"-16" 16"-18" 17"-22"
H 1" above knee 3"-4.5" 4.5"-5.5" 5.5"-6.5" 7"-9" 10"-11" 12"-13" 14"-15" 16"-18"
G 1" below knee 1"-2" 2"-3" 2"-3" 3"-4" 4"-6" 5"-6" 6"-8" 7"-10"
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