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Walkabout Rear Lift Harness for Dogs

Walkabout Rear Lift Walking Harness
The Walkabout dog harness is a fantastic product if your dog is suffering from loss of mobility in the rear legs and is struggling to walk. This harness takes of the weight off the rear legs, and keeps your dog walking further for longer The Walkabout rear lift Harness for dogs, has been recommended by veterinary and rehabilitation specialists for over 30 years. It is the most effective walking aid on the market today, having been safely used to rehabilitate millions of pets all over the world.
Walkabout Harnesses are commonly used for animals with arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal traumas, athletic injuries, amputee's and general fatigue. Senior pets receive the help they need when they demonstrate mobility issues due to age. Use of the Walkabout Harness will help prevent back injury to pet owners from lifting pets improperly. Dogs and cats can be supported by the harness when needing to go out to the bathroom, they have plenty of room to eliminate free and clear of the product.
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