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West Paw Rowdies!

Plastic waste is a hot topic, and rightly so when you see the devastation that is being caused to our planet. West Paw are doing their bit, and we are proud to be stocking their awesome range of West Paw Rowdies Dog Toys. The padding of these fun, sturdy dog toys is made from plastic bottles and to date the company has converted 638 tons of bottles - go West Paw! Image result for Intelliloft® The extremely durable West Paw Rowdies dog toys are made in the USA using two of their sturdiest technologies, reinforced HardyTex® fabric with mesh backing make up their bodies, and Zogoflex® chew zones entice at the end of arms and legs. Customers are invited to send back all Zogoflex parts for recycling to their base in Montana and they are so confident with their manufacturing methods and durability of their chew zones that they offer free replacements (conditions do apply) to all their customers. Spencer Williams, Owner and CEO of West Paw says the following..


"Because we make everything ourselves in our own Bozeman, Montana-based facility, we have complete control over every step of our manufacturing process. This means we are 100% confident in the durability and safety of everything we make. So, it's only natural that West Paw now guarantees every single one of our products."  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your dog, West Paw Rowdies have named each one - so whether it's a Sanders, Custer, Rosebud, Jefferson, Fergus or Lincoln you require, each are as irresistible as the other!

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