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Why Use Protective Dog Boots

Dogs' paws are pretty impressive things when you think about it. For a start, there are four of them, and they all work together to create speed, agility, and balance in your pet. You'll know from times you've tried to walk on all fours (or play, because you dropped something, because you're trying to clear out the under stairs cupboard and so on) it's not that easy. But a dog is designed that way, and thank goodness they are it all goes towards making them good at what they do (chasing, running, playing, working).


But it's not just about the number of feet a dog has Dogs' paws are special for other reasons too. The pads on a dog's foot are comprised of fatty tissue that doesn't conduct cold, and takes a good long time to freeze. That's why your pet can prance about happily in the snow without damaging their feet (as long as they don't do it for too long, that is). And speaking of weather, when it's hot the sweat glands in your dog's pads really come in handy, as they can cool the paws off and help them remain as comfortable as possible.

As well designed and practical as dogs€' feet are, dogs can still experience problems with them. The pads can tear during a walk or run if the ground is particularly hard or uneven, or if your pet treads of something sharp. This is especially likely if you take your dog swimming, as although the exercise is great for him or her, the water does soften the pads up.

Paws burn, too. On hot pavements and surfaces, the pads can blister, causing limping or even infection. It's not just summer that has its problems though despite the length of time it would take for a dog€™s pads to freeze, they are still damaged easily when exposed to other cold weather hazards, such as rock salt and manmade ice melting products.

This is where protective dog boots come in. These clever items are worn over your dog's feet, covering them completely, yet still allowing all the movement that is necessary. No more worrying about hot pavements, frosty park, or thorns etc... as well as no more having to scrub the car clean after a muddy day out.

Buy the natural rubber dog boots by Pawz, and you'll see exactly what a difference they can make. Available in a range of rainbow colours to suit you and your dogs paw size, each inexpensive pack contains twelve pairs of disposable boots. Pawz dog boots are easy to take with you wherever you might go, just in case, Pawz natural rubber boots are a revelation in dog care!

Want something more substantial? Then look at the Therapaws dog boots. Made from natural materials and designed with a dog's paw in mind (including perforations so that the foot can breathe easily), these will last the course. Easy clean and easy wear, they're perfect for protecting your pet's delicate feet. The Therapaws dog boots are great for protecting the dogs paws after surgery, for corns or if the pads are damaged in anyway

Whichever option you choose, you can be rest assured that your dogs paws will appreciate it!

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