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Winstons Pain Formula & Joint System for Dogs

Winstons Pain Formula & Joint System for Dogs

Winston's Pain Formula Joint System for Dogs

Winston's Formula is a powerful natural supplement that is highly effective for dogs and cats of all ages. Winston's only uses human grade ingredients of the highest quality. Winston's Formula is 100% natural and can be used alongside any vet prescribed drugs with no side effects. This natural supplement works exceptionally well alongside Winston's Joint System to assist in your dogs health and recovery. Winston's Joint System for Dogs is a three part system covering discomfort from injury, joint lubrication and bone strengthening. Within the first 30 days of treatment, dogs on Winston's Joint System show noticeable and often remarkable improvement. Winston's products help strengthen increase vitality in dogs of all ages. Winston's supplements are all made from human grade ingredients, unlike so many dog supplements that are made from cheap inferior ingredients. Read below how these incredible natural supplements for dogs helped the beautiful Ted E Bear Thunder.
Laura Rorebeck
I just wanted to let you know how great your Winston's Pain Relief Formula has been for us. My dog is a golden named Ted E Bear. He is now 2 years old and weighs 105 lbs. When he was about 6 months old, we noticed he had trouble getting up didn't run around like a lot of puppies do. I took him in to the vet and they did an x-ray on his hips. That is when we found out he has severe hip dysplasia. The vet showed me the x-ray and his right hip was almost completely out of the socket! I felt horrible and didn't know what I could do for him as I don't have much money . The vet said he would need hip surgery after he was about 1-1/2 years old. I knew I couldn't afford that at this time. I even took him to a specialist vet and was in tears because there was another procedure they could try until he was able to have the surgery but no guarantees. After they examined his x-rays, we found out he wasn't even a candidate for the procedure. I was in tears thinking I was going to have to have him put down. I have wanted a golden since I was very little was devastated. My vet gave me Previcox for him and with that, you have to have his liver checked every six months. That is when my research started. I don't know how I even got to your site but I did and am so happy I found it. I read all the testimonials and thought, couldn't hurt and it€™s all natural. I ordered 1 bottle of the Winston Pain Formula took Bear off the Previcox and started your product. WOW! What an improvement! He has been doing very well ever since. I am now engaged to a man that has 2 dogs that are 3 years old and my dog runs plays with them like nothing is wrong. He jumps around all the time and if you see him, you would never guess he has severe hip dysplasia. I tell everyone about this product. I even took it to his vet showed them they are amazed at how well he has done on your product. I want to thank you very much for your Winston's products. They have definitely made Bear's quality of life MUCH better. He is fun, loving and very friendly with a great personality. I highly recommend this product! Thank you
When I ordered Winston's Joint System our dog, Thunder was in real bad shape. He could no longer get up on his own, his back legs were too weak thus we had to help lift his hind quarters with a belt 99% of the time when he needed to get up. He could hardly walk anymore and walking a distance of only 50 feet would cause him to pant and become extremely drained from the movement. I could no longer take him for any type of walk, basically once we traveled about 150 feet his legs would give out and he would drop to the ground. Nor could he stand on his feet for any duration of time, it would only take a couple of minutes of standing and he would become exhausted. (Also his bark was almost gone.) I had noticed that he was no longer moving his body around while sleeping, I would bring him in at night and lay him down and would find him in the exact same position the next morning, his movement was basically null. His face had a very sick look to it. Everything about him was bad off, looked bad off and we feared the worse based on his overall condition since he was getting worse by the day On 11/19 I started using Winston's Joint System. Followed your directions including the massages every morning prior to Thunder getting up. Over the next week his condition improved dramatically and the results were truly amazing. We look back to the morning of 11/21, only two days using Winston's Joint System, and are astounded to realize what had happened that morning and the days to follow. On 11/21 Thunder woke me due to his barking. I ran downstairs and he was his feet and needed to go outside. I figured he must have to go real bad and he forced himself up. I let him out and ran back inside to grab a coat. Well when I returned outside, only a few seconds later, expecting to find him within 20 feet of the door. I found he was gone!!! I finally located him about 250 feet away with him sniffing around checking everything out!!! I did not realize at that moment how things had changed. On 11/23 we noticed more improvements where he was getting up more on his own, his standing ability had improved dramatically and the shaking in his hind legs was reduced and continued to reduce even more as the days went on. After about 10 days using the formula, coupled together with using HyaFlex and Winston's Senior Formula PetMulti, the results were even more unbelievable. Thunder can now get up on his own. The initial shaking in the hind legs after standing is basically almost all gone. He can now walk up to 20 or 30 minutes at a time (if we allow him.) He can now bark again! Man, can he bark again!!! His normal facial expressions are coming back and he is expressing himself like he did years ago way when he did not get his own way!! He can now lift his hind legs much better while walking and over obstacles. He no longer slips on a smooth floor. At times he evens now walks too fast for me and I have to jog along to keep up with him!!! We even seen him gallop a few times over the past week, getting excited and becoming spunky and frisky again.
We also found him playing in the snow the other day, laying on his back wiggling his hind quarters back and forth, sliding down the hill the kids sleigh ride on. The other day he actually was driving me nuts, he must of wanted to go outside at least 12 times, getting up on his own and going to the door with serious barking basically demanding for me to let him out. And actually his eyesight has also improved thanks to the Winston's PetMulti tabs we are giving him. Overall what has happened to our Thunder simple words cannot describe. His condition is so much better one could consider it a miracle and Gods work but I know that this list of outstanding improvements ALL started once he started to receive Winston's Joint System. Your product is incredible and truly outstanding, and I cannot begin to thank you enough for the improvement in life you have given our pet and the joy you have brought back to our household.
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