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What Dog Carpal Splint and Wrap Are Best For My Dog?

Customer Question:
Recently we bought a carpal splint for our dog. Unfortunately, due to the splint’s hard plastic shell this does not accommodate the large swelling on his joint. We were wondering about wrap type supports but they would need to offer full support for him. Are you able to advise please if you have anything suitable?

Thanks for getting in touch, I can see you ordered a Walkin’ Full Leg Brace. These full leg braces have hard shells so yes if your dog has swelling a splint is not always suitable. Alternatively a wrap or a splint with removable splints would be better as these are made from soft neoprene material and Velcro straps, so you can change the tension with day to day swelling.

For wraps, check out our Therapaw Dog Leg Wraps. These are high quality wraps which you can even cut them down to customise to you dog's leg depth.


For removable splints, check out our Balto Joint Splint. This splint has removable splints so you can have both a firm wrap without splints or a rigid splint with the splints depending on what your dog needs at what time.

For carpal splints, you can also find a specific carpal splint called Balto Carpal Leg Splint which has a hard shell but does not go over the knee therefore knee swelling won't mean the splint won't fit.

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