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Dog Leg Splints to Prevent Re Injury

Dog legs splints are the best option for your dog after cast removal to prevent re injury.

Carpo Flex Sports Wrap

When a dog has a break or fracture to any of the legs, your vet will treat the injury and then put a cast on while it heals. After the cast is removed you must rehabilitate the leg to strengthen it for the best chance of recovery. It is common for re injury to happen during this period of rehabilitation, which is why it is a good idea to use a splint or dog leg support like a Carpo Flex to assist with the healing.

Unlike us, dogs will have no idea that they have a weakness on their leg after surgery or injury. We know to rest up and take it easy, but how many of us have seen our dogs leaping off into the distance when they are meant to be taking it slow.

It is a good idea to take the levels of support down slowly, so using a Carpo Flex wrap or a dog leg splint will increase your dogs chance of a full recovery. The levels of support coming down from the cast would be a dog leg splint, then a Carpo Flex X wrap, then a Carpo Flex sports wrap. The Carpo Flex sports wrap is worn by many agility dogs to prevent injury, and are great as a light support for dogs with old injuries.


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