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Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Hind Limb Paralysis

Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Hind Limb Paralysis

The use of carts

If your dog suffers from hind leg paralysis, one of the options you may want to consider is a wheelchair. There is controversy about the use of wheelchairs for dogs, so you must do you own research and consider how it may suit you and your dogs lifestyle. It is a decision that should be made on an individual basis as every dog is different.

Dog Mobile Wheelchair

Some dogs cannot cope with using a cart while others cope very well and have a great quality of life. It is important to remember that to successfully use a dog wheelchair, the dogs fore limbs must be strong, as these will be taking all the weight. Do the research, talk to a professional with experience with the product and then follow your instinct of what you feel is best for you dog.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a dog wheelchair.

  • Remember that once you choose to support your dogs legs in a wheelchair, any mobility your dog has will decline as the legs are not getting exercised. The biggest problem is muscle wasting, so unless your dog has back leg paralysis, you should look at the Walkin Wheels Chair as it offers dogs that are still mobile the option of walking while still supported.
  • Have a look at some different manufacturers, as there are a variety of different dog wheelchairs available. There are wheelchairs where the dog sits down on a back platform like the Dog Mobile, and there are others like the Walkin Wheels Chair where there are options of legs up or down These are much more flexible.

  • Homemade wheelchairs and cheap wheelchairs sold on ebay are to be used with caution. The stability of these products is crucial to their success, there is a fine line between a cart that works well, particularly at speed or on rough ground and another that tips your dog over causing injury and distress.

  • Pressure sores are also an important factor to consider and must be avoided. This can be difficult if the balance of the cart is wrong, the harness holding the animal is not made of the correct material or fitted correctly. Pressure sores are painful and can lead to infection requiring prompt veterinary treatment.

  • Hygiene is another issue to consider. As dogs with hind limb paralysis often suffer from incontinence, be sure your dog can be kept clean at all times and that the design of the cart allows for easy defecation.

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