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I Think My Dog Is Going Blind. What Are The Early Signs My Dog Is Going Blind?

I Think My Dog Is Going Blind. What Are The Early Signs My Dog Is Going Blind?

As with many canine conditions, dog blindness can come on very gradually or quite suddenly. 

If your dog has been losing sight in one eye, for example, they may have simply compensated with the sight from their other eye, and you as their owner won’t have been any the wiser. It’s only if the other eye starts to fail that you will see there’s a problem. 

Or, if it’s sudden onset blindness, you’ll notice far more quickly. However, even a dog who’s going completely blind might be able to hide it for some time if they’re in surroundings which they know very well.

Early Signs Your Dog Could Be Going Blind:

  • Become more clumsy
  • Bump into objects, furniture, or walls
  • Walk along walls
  • Lean against you to help guide them
  • Have difficulty locating objects or people. They might be unable to find water, food, or toys.
  • Appear apprehensive or nervous when playing
  • Seem confused
  • Seem afraid to move
  • Become reluctant to go outside
  • Have changes in temperament or behaviour. Might seem uncharacteristically depressed, jumpy - easily startled and nervous - clingy, or anxious.
  • Sleep a lot more than usual
  • Have changes in the appearance of the eye. A milky or cloudy appearance in the eyes (cataracts), eye redness, bulging eyes, enlarged pupils, or pupils not responding to light all might be signals of potential vision issues.
  • Not respond to visual cues and commands.

If you notice any of these, make an appointment with your vet. Your dog may get referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist for more tests and diagnosis.

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