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Knuckling of the Dogs Paws

Knuckling of the dogs paws is a term used when the dogs paws are bent over and often drag on the ground. Dogs paws can knuckle when the flexion of the paw fails or weakens, causing the paw to become unstable. The first signs of this problem can be a slight dragging of the nails, which can progress to the dog completely walking on its knuckles.

Bootie Splint

The causes can be varied, but some of the main causes are spinal trauma, tumours and degenerative myelopathy. It can also be caused by general weakness from arthritis and old age.

Knuckling can cause the dog distress as they may lose balance and fall. Other common problems are sore and damaged pads on the paws.

There are some products that will help your dog with his mobility, the bootie dog splint is the most useful for this condition as it immobilizes the foot and prevents it from turning over. This will help your dog walk and improve his quality of life.

The Walkin' Wheels Bootie Splint will support the lower aspect of the rear limb. This brace extends under the paw to stabilize digit or toe injuries, and provides positioning for knuckling or nerve damage problems.

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