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Next Day Delivery £15 Available

No Lick Neck Brace for Dogs

The No Lick Brace has been designed as an alternative to the classic Elizabethan collar (cone of shame), and it provides extra comfort and utility without the bulkiness. This allows the dog to eat, see and behave normally whilst protecting any wounds or stitches. This brace is designed to prevent licking, if the animal is suffering from more serious neck problems, please see the Orthopaedic Neck Brace.


  • Protects wounds or stitches after surgery
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviours
  • Prevents dogs licking/biting areas of the chest, abdomen, flanks and makes it difficult to access front legs, elbow and perianal areas
  • Can be used on cats after spaying/neutering. When used for cats the collar is used with the longest part at the front under the neck.
  • Made of padded and breathable material
  • Rigid fabric inside to prevent the pet turning it's head to reach any wounds
  • Easy to put on
  • Less restrictive than the cone, pets can still eat, drink and see normally
  • Hand washable
  • Can be worn before and after surgery
Recommendations for use:
  • Not suited for hounds or bulldogs. Long hound necks don't allow the collar to stay in place, short thick Bulldog necks won't allow for a proper fit
  • XXS is suitable for cats. When used for cats the collar is used with the longest part at the front under the neck.
  • Collar should be securely tightened around the neck to keep it from turning
  • A harness is advised to walk a dog whilst wearing the neck brace
  • Over a 24 hr period, the brace should be removed for 1-2 hrs
  • Not recommended for cases of surgery to the front paw
Measure the neck circumference. These braces are adjustable.
Sizes Neck Circumference
XXS 16cm to 23.5cm | 6.3in to 9.25in
XS 25.5cm to 34.5cm | 10in to 13.6in
S 32.5cm to 42cm | 12.8in to 16.5in
M 37.5cm to 46.5cm | 14.8in to 18.3in
L 42cm to 55.5cm | 16.5in to 21.9in
XL 52cm to 66cm | 20.5in to 26in


The BT dog Neck brace is usually not suited for hounds and bulldogs. Long necks do not allow the collar to stay in place so the brace will slide. Short necks can be too small for the width (B) of the neck brace. Please ensure that the dimensions of the brace below will suit your dog before ordering.


Measurements A B
XXS 29.5cm | 11.65in 8cm | 3.1in
XS 43cm | 16.9in 12cm | 4.8in
S 49.5cm |19.5in 18cm | 7.2in
M 54.5cm | 21.5in 22cm | 8.7in
L 65cm | 25.5in 24cm | 9.4in
XL 74cm | 29in 25.5cm | 10.1in


  • For proper use, it is essential that the collar be tightened securely around the neck, to keep it from turning.
  • While wearing the rigid collar, the dog can be taken for walks using either the collar or a harness.
  • Over a 24-hour period, remove the collar for 1 to 2 hours.
As your pet has the potential to damage the brace or injured themselves, we recommend supervision of your dog at all time when wearing the brace.
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