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Balto® Neck - Rigid Dog Neck Brace

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The Balto Orthopedic Dog Neck Brace is excellent at helping dogs with problems with their cervical vertebrae, crushed vertebrae, neurological issues, post-operative recovery and hernias. This dog neck brace is highly supportive and adjustable to fit all dog breeds. The compression offered by the brace ensures compression and traction of the neck thus protecting it in case of injuries. It is also helpful in cases of obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

  • Excellent neck brace designed to keep the neck rigid and fully supported
  • Fits securely around the dog's neck
  • Available in 6 different neck brace sizes
  • Easier to put on and less restrictive than the Elizabethan collar
  • Breathable fabric

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How to Measure Balto® Neck - Rigid Dog Neck Brace

Balto® Neck Sizes

Balto® Neck Sizes

The Balto dog neck brace is usually not suited for hounds and bulldogs.

Long necks do not allow the collar to stay in place so the brace will slide.

Short necks can be too small for the width of the neck brace.

These braces are highly adjustable.

Balto® Neck - Rigid Dog Neck Brace

Post-operative support
Neck pain and discomfort
Obsessive compulsive behaviours
Cone alternative
Vertebral Instability (Wobbler Syndrome)

Offers compression to the neck, protecting it from further injury
Alternative to the cone, prevents biting or licking of the chest, abdomen, shoulder, back and makes it difficult to reach down to the front legs and paw
Less restrictive than the cone, allows pets to see and eat normally
Waterproof breathable fabric
Can be worn before and after surgery
Hand washable
Comfortable interior padding

Recommendations for use:
Not suited for hounds or bulldogs. Long hound necks don't allow the collar to stay in place, short thick Bulldog necks won't allow for a proper fit
Size XXS is suitable for Cats. When used for Cats the collar is used with the longest part at the front under the neck.
Collar should be securely tightened around the neck to keep it from turning
A harness is advised to walk a dog whilst wearing the neck brace
Over a 24 hr period, the brace should be removed for 1-2 hrs

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jennifer adamson
Not great

Sizing off. Could have come with instructions and gets lose easily