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Prevent Your Dog Slipping and Falling on Smooth Flooring with Power Paws Non-Slip Socks.

Dogs can be injured by slipping and falling on smooth flooring, but there is a solution to keep him from getting hurt.

Most of us have smooth floor surfaces in our homes, but these can pose a real safety risk for your dog. Laminate, tile and hardwood floors look great and are easy to keep clean, but your dog's paws simply are not designed to walk on such smooth, hard surfaces. There are plenty of 'amusing' video clips of animals slipping and sliding, but in truth, your dog could potentially face serious injury.

Power Paws Non-Slip Socks (Advanced)

Whilst dogs can easily break a bone in their paw or legs when skidding across smooth flooring, or suffer from pulled or torn muscles and ligaments (including ACL injury), aggravation of arthritic joints or nerve and tissue damage, simple bruising can be severe enough to warrant a trip to the vet so that they can be given something to relieve the pain and discomfort. Even if they do not suffer a serious injury, dogs can become very frightened when they slide out of control and it can leave them extremely anxious and trembling. Luckily, there is a way to prevent these accidents from happening. Our Power Paws Non-Slip Socks are designed to prevent dogs from slipping on floors and also give improved traction to senior dogs and help the mobility of dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis. Available in 8 sizes from XXS to XXXL, these socks are available in a range of colours and there is also a special Greyhound edition sock for dogs with 'hare' shaped feet.  

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