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Atticus, the Labrador, suffers with Vasovagal Syncope and Arthritis

Atticus, the Labrador, suffers with Vasovagal Syncope and Arthritis

Atticus suffers from Vasovagal Syncope and Arthritis. The arthritis started about a year ago with him becoming stiffer and less mobile but he was still out walking without help. The vet suggested hydrotherapy to help with mobility and as a way not to put pressure on his back hips. 

All started well but in April last year he had his first collapse having picked up an infection from his hydrotherapy. After his recovery we continued with the therapy because he enjoyed it so much and having recovered, was still mobile right through to September when a second collapse happened literally after the therapy poolside. Totally off his legs. This was when the vet confirmed his Vasovagal. 

Now he was unable to use his back legs at all, so he was miserable, unable to go to the loo without support and that’s when I got the Ginger Sling’ to hold him up. Nevertheless he was suffering and his quality of life was deteriorating. I even booked a vet home visit for his ‘last journey’ in October.

Wanting to help my pal, I spotted the wheels on your website, ordered some and booked a final holiday away for us at one of his favourite places in Devon. The aim was to take the wheels and have a go in a happy place. If he didn’t take to them or got worse, at least I knew we’d tried and the following week we’d hug and say goodbye. I set them all up, hauled him out and strapped him in and he wagged his tail and smiled. The film you have was his very first experimental walk in his new wheels and we haven’t looked back since (PS. I cancelled the vet visit!). He loves using them.

The wheels have been such good therapy that, with various vet treatments, he is even able to walk at home. Not much but around the house and up the stairs (with the sling). 

He is happy, as are we. We’re off to the pub today for a walk and chill so he can say hi to all his friends. Keep on trucking…

Hope this helps and thanks for being there so I could access a life saver for Atticus. 

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Atticus, my Labrador, suffers with Vasovagal Syncope and Arthritis

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