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Why is My Pomeranian Dog Losing Hair and Getting Black Spots? Could It Be Black Skin Disease or Alopecia X. What Should I Do?

Why is My Pomeranian Dog Losing Hair and Getting Black Spots? Could It Be Black Skin Disease or Alopecia X. What Should I Do?

What is Black Skin Disease

Your Pom or Pomeranian might have started to lose hair on their back, legs or tummy. They might also have started to show signs of black spots on perhaps a whole area of black skin underneath their hair.

It is most likely a skin condition called Black Skin Disease, and is also known as Alopecia X.

This skin condition can be cured! You will need to use Dermagic skin lotion, you will put this on the area where your Pom is losing hair or showing black spots. Over time, this will bring the hair back and the spots will go.

Nicola used Dermagic Treatment on her Pom here:

“I purchased the Dermagic system (full kit) for my pomeranian in absolute desperation. He has been diagnosed with alopecia x/ bsd. He's been on melatonin for 4 months and after reading the fantastic reviews about your products I decided to try them. So I bought the whole system., which was really good value for money. Nice large bottles of shampoo and conditioner pump action top which is great, easy to use when your dog is being showered, beautiful scent, rinsed easily.

The skin rescue lotion is lovely... went on the skin nicely and absorbed well, my dogs skin felt moisturised and soft and he's definitely not itching as much. The balm and salve I've yet to use. So far I'm very impressed at the relief my dog is feeling. And that is my main concern... if his fur doesn't grow back that's fine just as long as he gets relief and feels comfortable. Dermagic seems to be doing the trick so far. Will update later on. Would definitely recommend it.”

Get the Treatments here

Get the full kit here (lotion, shampoo, conditioner and two other lotions) here:

Watch an excellent YouTube video of a dog owner diagnosing her Pomeranian for Black Skin Disease -

Find Treatment Creams and Lotions for Alopecia X / Black Skin Disease (Dermagic) here

Watch her find treatments for her Pomeranian for the skin condition here:

Read more here

Read more about Alopecia X / Black Skin Disease Causes, Prevention and How to Help at Home 

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Best Black Skin Treatment

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