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Elbow Dysplasia Surgery - What Happens, Is It Successful, What I Should Know?

Elbow Dysplasia Surgery - What Happens, Is It Successful, What I Should Know?

Elbow dysplasia surgery

Surgical options can include an arthroscopy, biceps ulnar release, a variety of different osteotomies (surgical correction of bone deformities) or even joint replacement in severe cases. If your dog has significant elbow dysplasia, then it is likely that your vet will recommend surgery for your dog. In this instance, your dog will probably be referred to an orthopaedic specialist. There are a number of surgical options, which surgical procedure your dog has depends on the expertise of your orthopaedic specialist and the nature of your dog’s dysplasia

Elbow surgery success

Surgery on dogs with elbow dysplasia has been shown to be very effective, however good post-surgical care and management is vital to its success.

Post-surgical care

Post-surgical care involves many of the steps which conservative management does; weight management, controlled exercise and anti-inflammatories. Applying a supportive elbow brace post-operatively can also help your dog’s recovery and support their joint more fully.

Unfortunately elbow dysplasia (even where surgery has been performed) will always lead to the development of arthritis/osteoarthritis in your dog. Surgery can significantly retard the development of osteoarthritis but cannot eliminate it completely. Because of this, it is recommended to give your dog a joint supplement to slow the progression of this and keep your dog more comfortable and active for longer.

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