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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pug Myelopathy?

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Pug Myelopathy?

One of the things which can be very distressing as an owner of a dog with pug myelopathy, is that your dog can seem otherwise completely normal and their usual happy and healthy self. Pug Myelopathy (unlike dog IVDD) is mostly characterised by being a pain-free condition, even on palpation of the affected area.

Pug Myelopathy typically presents with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Ataxia; dogs may have difficulty coordinating their movements, leading to an unsteady gait, sometimes referred to as the ‘drunken sailor’ walk
  • Dogs affected by Pug Myelopathy usually develop progressive hind limb weakness, which worsens over time. Initially you may only notice that your dog’s feet and/or toe nails are scuffed
  • Dragging or ‘knuckling’ of hind legs. As the disease progresses, affected dogs may increasingly drag their hind limbs or knuckle over their paws. This eventually progressed to complete paralysis
  • Reflexes in the hind limbs may become diminished or absent
  • Generally, a symptom which develops later on is incontinence. As the condition advances, dogs may lose control over either or both their bladder and bowel functions

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