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Biko Physio Dog Brace (Nerve Damage or CDRM)

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The Biko Physio Dog Brace is excellent for dogs suffering from nerve damage or Degenerative Myelopathy (CDRM) which affects the back legs and their gait. The brace helps your dog move their legs straight, making walking and turning easier. Nerve damage is a difficult condition to manage either medically or surgically, the best way to manage CDRM is by keeping the dog fit and walking well for as long as possible to prevent muscle wasting in the hind legs. Customers and physios give great feedback on how this simple brace helps dogs suffering from CDRM. CDRM is common in German Shepherds, Boxers and Pembroke Corgi breeds.

  • Excellent for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy
  • This walking aid helps your dog walk again, turning with more ease
  • This brace comes in 7 sizes - please select both the band and cuff size 
  • If your dog has a secondary condition e.g. hip dysplasia, make sure this condition is also supported 

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Review: "What a pleasure it has been to see our beautiful boy 'Blaze' regain his independence and confidence. Now I put the complete harness on in the morning and detach the leg straps when he is resting, just clipping them back out of the way. Simple & effective. Thank you again." [Collins, UK]  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to Measure Biko Physio Dog Brace

Biko Physio Dog Brace Sizes

Biko Physio Dog Brace Sizes

There are 2 measurements - the Band size and Cuff size. Please see the images for information about where to measure your dog.

This brace is fitted to a standard dog harness with a D ring.

Biko Instructions

1. Put your harness on your dog. The harness must include a metal D Ring at the back

2. Take Biko elastic bands No. 1 and hook it onto the metal D Ring of the harness

3. Place the ankle cuff on fastening facing outwards (to prevent friction). Attach the Biko elastic bands to the cuff

4. For the first two weeks, we recommend only a slight pull when stationary

5. Between 10 - 14 days, the Biko No. 1 bands can be shortened

Biko - How to Use

  • 1 pair of elastic bands No. 1 for light to medium (beginning of therapy)
  • 1 pair of elastic bands No. 2 for stronger resistance

Use No. 1 for 2 months
Use No. 2 for 5 months
Use daily use at the three times of about 30 minutes)

Biko Physio Dog Brace

The Biko Brace features a simple-to-use, adjustable, custom-fitted device that works with standard harnesses for optimum comfort. Biko encourages appropriate limb use, decreases scuffing of the toes and assists with weight shifting during ambulation.

How is the Biko Brace used?

The brace is not a supportive device, but an assistive aid. It is utilised during the time that the dog is ambulatory and it helps them move more efficiently as a unit. The brace requires a standard roman harness with a D ring.

Is your patient a candidate for the Biko Brace?

Appropriate patients:

Patients must have motor function in all four limbs
Patients who are ambulatory in the presence of mild or moderate ataxia
Patients with degenerative myelopathy who are ambulatory
Patients with degenerative disc disease who are ambulatory
Post-operative patients who have recovered motor function and display residual impairments affecting their proprioception and balance

Patients who are NOT candidates:

Patients who are paralysed
Patients with no motor function in one or more limbs
Patients with severe weakness and ataxia that require that they be physically moved and lifted to stand or walk
Patients with severe spasm or increased tone in one or both hind limbs that severely interfere with their movement

Exceptions: In some instances, the BIKO may be appropriate for certain orthopedic cases. This should be determined by a veterinarian.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jan Sølvberg Jensen

Biko Physio Dog Brace (Nerve Damage or CDRM)

Victoria Fox
Helping our furry friends

The brace itself is great. Not rocket science to put together but would have been good to have instructions with it. Not a lot of kit for the money but if it works it will be money well spent

Mrs Valentine

Still waiting for delivery

Marla Hawk
Dissatisfied Customer

I’m very frustrated. First I was sent the wrong brace and had to wait a long time for the right one. Now I have a brace with no directions. They sent a QR code but it’s not in English?? Ugh! I can’t even find anything in the web to help me figure out how to fit the brace.

Dave B
It Works

It works! It certainly does I had my doubts but it does. My dog is very patient with me so fitting was fine, only downside is that he wears his harness all day when he would normally only wear it when we go out... But early days he will get used to that, but the brace works and he took to it straight away. He has CDM and has lost proper use of one rear leg and the other has started to knuckle too but the brace is stopping the criss crossing and also the sway to a certain extent, day two he managed a 20 metre sprint to see off a seagull, he was very happy with himself.