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Does My Dog Have Carpal Hyperextension, a Carpal Injury or Front Paw Knuckling

Does My Dog Have Carpal Hyperextension, a Carpal Injury or Front Paw Knuckling

The carpal is the front leg wrist area in your dog. There are a few different types of carpal issues that your dog could have, and it is important to get the correct diagnosis. Make sure you go to your vet for a confirmed diagnosis, here are a few medical conditions it could be::

  • Carpal Hyperextension - this is when your dog's ligaments in its wrist have got stretched. The wrist then starts to get closer to the floor. When you feel your dog's front leg, the limb can feel floppy. There are carpal extension treatments and ways you can help your dog. Read more on Carpal Hyperextension - Causes, Prevention and How to Help here:
  • Carpal Injuries - these include arthritis in the wrist area, carpal strain or carpal damage. Compared to Carpal Hyperextension above, the wrist might not get closer to the floor but it is possible. Arthritis for example, can make the joint stiff and painful for your dog to walk on. Read more about Carpal Injuries here: 
  • Front Paw Knuckling - this is when your dogs front paw, most likely one, will curl under or start to drag. It can be difficult to watch, as your dog will struggle to walk normally. Sometimes they will become unbalanced and wobbly. Front paw knuckling is best treated with a custom front knuckling brace which can help flatten the paw, back to a more normal position.Read more about front knuckling here:
Previous article Cara is a 14 year old German Shepherd. She regularly sees the vet and has rear knuckling linked to the typical GSD weak hips / neuropathy and some osteoarthritis. What would you recommend?
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