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Does My Dog Have Carpal Hyperextension? How Can I Tell?

Does My Dog Have Carpal Hyperextension? How Can I Tell?

Carpal Hyperextension is when the ligaments in your dog's wrist get stretched, and your dog's wrist then gets closer to the floor. It can be particularly hard to watch your dog have this condition.

There are a number of medical conditions that happen in the carpal area of your dog (the wrist).

Take your dog immediately to your vet if you think your dog has carpal hyperextension. 

Your vet will likely do an MRI scan which looks at ligaments, and this will show they are stretched. Your vet might also do an X Ray which will show there is nothing wrong or changed with the bones. 

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Your Dog Might Not Have Carpal Hyperextension

There are a few other carpal injuries your dog might have which is not hyper extension. Other carpal injuries include:

  • Carpal arthritis and osteoarthritis - Arthritis can show in one or both front legs. Your dog might show swelling on the angle of the carpal joints can change. Arthritis symptoms include your dog getting out of bed slowly, going slower on walks, finds tight corners difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Carpal arthrodesis - Produces a change in gait for your dog
  • Carpal strain - Due to exercise or an accident e.g. your dog jumping down from a high wall
  • Carpal damage - Due to an accident. This can include lacerations to the carpal muscle and ligaments

Once you know the carpal injury type, you can learn how to best help your dog.

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Carpal hyperextension is when your dog’s carpus - commonly called your dog's wrist - collapses or hyperextends

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