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3 Best Carpal Hyperextension Braces for Dogs

3 Best Carpal Hyperextension Braces for Dogs

My Dog Charlie has Hyperextension of the Carpal Ligament, While it is not Completely Collapsed Yet, I Think He's Putting Too Much Pressure on the Paw. What Would You Recommend?

It sounds like Charlie needs as much support as he can get along his ligaments, so that he doesn’t increase the chance of a complete carpal hyperextension rupture or collapse.

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3 Carpal Hyperextension Braces for Dogs

In terms of carpal splints and supports for your dog Charlie, there are a couple of options:

1. A Rigid Carpal Splint (firm support) - Scandi Grade 3

Scandi Orthopedic’s Grade 3 is a rigid carpal support to immobilise your dog's carpal joint. This is excellent for medium to severe carpal injuries, carpal weakness, sprains, moderate arthritis or when conservative management is the recommended treatment.

This carpal splint provides lateral and medial support and prevents hyper-extension. The outer part of this splint is made from thermoplastic, which you put into boiled water to shape. This splint is, therefore, fantastic in terms of fit, as exact fit means faster healing. Inside the splint are two neoprene layers, making this splint very comfortable and can be worn 24/7.

  • Immobilises your dog's carpal joint 
  • Excellent at reducing carpal hyperextension and joint deviation
  • Immobilises the carpal joint - prevents carpal joint movement
  • Provides rigid lateral and medial carpal support
  • 3mm Neoprene (one layer)

Find the Scandi Carpal Splint Grade 3 here

2. A Firm Wrap and Splint Combined - Balto Joint

Give your dog the carpal support it needs! The Balto Joint Carpal Compression Band is excellent for injuries or weakness around your dog's front carpal and wrist, including arthritis and ligament issues.

With adjustable straps and ergonomic design, your dog will be back to running in no time! This brace also offers protection for cuts or injuries to the dog's lower leg and also offers post-operative support and protection.

  • Ideal for limping dogs, chronic arthritis or ligament injuries
  • Compression increases their blood pressure, reducing pain
  • Removable splints for supporting arthritis and arthrosis
  • Very strong breathable straps stay secure

Find the Balto Joint Band here

3. A Hard Wrap (moderate support) - Therapaw Carpo X Wrap

The Therapaw Carpo Flex X Wrap offers moderate to firm support to your dog's wrist and carpal joint. This will support ligament or tendon damage, post-operative support, carpal hyper-extension, chronic arthritis and general weakness in the wrist.

Your dog can enjoy all normal activities whilst wearing this support. This support also contains an optional nylon strap that can be fastened anywhere inside the wrap to give your dog additional support to a chosen area.

  • Excellent support to the carpal joint, wrist and front lower leg
  • Helps mild arthritis, sprains and ligament injuries
  • Strength 4-7 on a scale of 1-10
  • Elastic straps + easy to wash

Find the Therapaw Carpo X Wrap here 

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Best Dog Carpal Hyperextension Braces

We strongly recommend supporting your dogs carpal to reduce pain, provide support, reduce risk of re-injury and allow them to exercise

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