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My Dog Has Itchy Skin. What Should I Do?

My Dog Has Itchy Skin. What Should I Do?

What causes itchy skin in your dog

If your dog’s suffering from itchy or flaky skin, there could be a number of causes. It could indicate a grass allergy, or parasites such as fleas, or due to other environmental factors. It might even be because of a condition such as Cushing’s Disease. 

What might you notice

When looking at your dog’s skin and coat, you may notice they have flakes of skin, similar to human dandruff. Similarly, the skin may appear scaly or cracked, or have small scabs on it. These symptoms may be all over the body, or just in one or two isolated areas.

How should you treat itchy skin

Leaving your dog’s itchy skin untreated may result in secondary health problems. If you’re concerned, you must consult a vet to help with diagnosis. However, regularly applying a soothing shampoo formulated for dogs and regular grooming, will often be all that’s needed to resolve the issue.

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Read more about itchy skin here - Causes, Prevention and How to Help 


Put a soothing cream on your dogs itchy skin or paw 

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