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What Are the Signs of a Skin Allergy in My Dog?

What Are the Signs of a Skin Allergy in My Dog?

What are the signs of a skin allergy

Itchy skin - or to give it its medical name, pruritus - is a common concern for many dog owners. In fact, skin allergies were one of the top dog medical conditions claimed on dog insurance in 2023 in the US. 

While occasional scratching is normal, if your dog’s got itchy skin you’ll have noticed persistent scratching.  Your dog may also be repeatedly licking - to the point of saliva stains on soft furnishings or their fur - or biting at areas of their body. The scratching, licking and biting may be refined to one area or it could be general.

There will also be rolling around on the floor or rubbing against furniture trying to get relief.

What will you see in a skin allergy

You may also see rashes or visible areas of redness, irritation and inflammation on the skin under their coat. There might be areas of fur loss, and ‘hot spots’ - moist, red and inflamed areas made worse by scratching - or flaky skin. The skin may also be thickened and darkened.

Your dog may also seem irritable or restless, unable to settle.

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Read more about itchy skin here - Causes, Prevention and How to Help

Put a soothing cream on your dogs itchy skin or paw

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