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How to Treat My Dog's Itchy Paws

Customer Question:

Hi, Do you have anything to treat itchy back paws on my dog? He has been to the vet twice and was given liquid the first time and gel the second time. He now wears a comfort donut for bedtime to stop him causing himself damage.

Zoomadog Answer:

The best first step is to top the itching, take a look at Dermagic Skin Rescue Lotion which comes in small bottles. Rub this into your dog's paw and it will rapidly calm the area down. Start with the small bottle and see how you get on.

We would also suggest a boot to protect the paw and to stop your dog instantly licking off the cream. For inside, our Walker Comfort Care Boots would be the best. They are soft and padded, with Velcro around the top so your dog can't bite or take off.


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