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My Puppy’s Front Legs Are Bowing. What Should I Do?

My Puppy’s Front Legs Are Bowing. What Should I Do?

You might have noticed your puppy's legs have started to bow. The bowing might be getting worse day by day. Don’t worry! You can help your puppy correct the bowing, but you will need to follow a strict plan to do it in the correct steps.

First, go and visit your vet to get a correct diagnosis. They might need to refer you to a specialist orthopedic centre to get the exact diagnosis for your puppy.

Bowing can happen in one or both front legs. It can be due to a number of medical conditions. Some are related to the front leg muscles, or it might be the bones. This is an important distinction, which is why you will most likely need to go to a specialist.

To determine if it is the bones, ligament, tendons or muscles, your vet will most likely take an x-ray. If it has to do with the bones, your vet might recommend a cast which they change regularly as your puppy grows over the next six weeks.

If it is in the muscles and tendons, your vet might recommend using a more temporary option like a brace or splint. Your puppy will still need to wear a brace and splint nearly all the time, but it is not as fixed as a cast.

Your puppy will still be able to run around with their brace, and after six weeks the leg should be straight.

You might want to use a front leg wrap when your dog is exercising for a few months afterward.

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