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My Dog Has Arthritis in His Front Wrist or Carpal Area. What Should I Do?

My Dog Has Arthritis in His Front Wrist or Carpal Area. What Should I Do?

Your dog might have arthritis in their front wrist or carpal area. Arthritis can be very painful and restrict your dog's activity and mobility as it stiffens the joint.

With arthritis, your dog can weave or be unsteady. Perhaps they have difficulty getting up and lying down. Arthritis often swells the joint, so if your dog has a swollen carpal / wrist joint, they could have arthritis. Get your vet to give you a formal diagnosis before you start any treatments.

There are a few easy steps to follow which can help your dog with their arthritis:

  1. Get an excellent joint supplement - Supplements which include glucosamine and chondroitin support joint health and reduce arthritic symptoms. In addition, research has shown that foods which provide high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, can help decrease inflammation also.
  2. Extra thick dog boot - get a dog boot with a thick cushioned sole. The Therapaw dog boots have an ultra-cushioned interior pad that alleviates pain, reduces lameness and promotes more even weight distribution. The perforated top sole and eye-hole design allow the paw to breathe, reducing moisture build-up at the injured site. Find Therapaw boots here:
  3. Get a carpal leg wrap to provide support to the carpal joint - The Therapaw Carpo Flex Sports Wrap is a moderate support for the dog's carpal joint / wrist / front lower leg. The Carpo Flex Sport wrap offers relief from mild arthritis, sprains to the lower limb and ligaments, protects against injury, re-injury and alleviates pain. This wrap supports and stabilises your dog's wrist without holding it rigid.
  4. Orthopaedic dog bed - Treat your dog to the ultimate joint and muscle comfort! The Memory Foam dog bed provides orthopaedic memory foam which helps alleviate discomfort in dogs with joint or muscle issues. This is particularly beneficial for senior dogs, large dogs, active dogs and those recovering from surgery or injuries. 
  5. Weight management - maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial to reduce stress on arthritic joints and minimise inflammation and damage

Read more about arthritis here

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