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Does A Hip Brace Work For Hip Dysplasia For A Dog?

Does A Hip Brace Work For Hip Dysplasia For A Dog?

A hip brace can be a really helpful way to support your dog when they have hip dysplasia or when they are recovering from hip dysplasia surgery. It is important to remember that a brace will not cure your dog’s hip dysplasia however by supporting the joint it can help to alleviate joint pain.

Dog hip braces

Here at Zoomadog we have two different hip braces appropriate for dogs with hip dysplasia. 

The Orthodog Hip Braces can help to stabilise your dog’s hips and lower back area, reducing pain caused along the back and hips and allowing your dog to walk more comfortably for longer. Suitable for whatever your dog normally likes to do, including swimming. The brace is also great for puppies and young dogs who suffer from lower back pain and early hip dysplasia symptoms. 

The Balto Life hip brace is excellent for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. It helps reduce pain while your dog is exercising or in their day-to-day activities by firmly supporting your dog's hips. It also comes with the option of a rear harness.

Find dog hip dysplasia braces here

We suggest anti-slip socks

In addition, we strongly suggest you get rubber, anti-slip socks or boots for your dog, this gives them improved traction, especially on wooden or slippery floors and helps prevent their legs from splaying, which can be painful. They can be found here

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