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What Causes Shoulder Dislocation in Dogs?

What Causes Shoulder Dislocation in Dogs?


Shoulder injuries and shoulder dislocations can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Most commonly they happen through either trauma - such as accidents, falls, or collisions, or strains and sprains, from activities such as running. Redogitive strain or overexertion can contribute to strains.


More rarely, shoulder instability can be due to an inherited genetic predisposition.  


When your dog sustains a trauma to their shoulder, the joint becomes damaged - the joint capsule can tear. Muscles and tendons that support and stabilise the joint are affected. This can result in the shoulder dislocating. Sometimes a puppy’s born with a malformed shoulder which makes dislocations inevitable.

It’s not clear whether shoulder instability is purely as a result of trauma, or is, in some instances, as a result of degenerative changes in the tissues of the joints. It’s mainly seen in middle-aged dogs.

Certain breeds may be more susceptible to shoulder issues.

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What is Shoulder Dislocation & Injuries in Dogs?

Dog shoulder injuries can range from mild dislocations or strains to severe tendon injuries. The shoulder joint in dogs is more mobile than any other main limb joint.

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