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Teddy, the French Bulldog, has IVDD

Teddy, the French Bulldog, has IVDD

When Teddy was 4 years old we noticed he stopped jumping up on the sofa and benches at the park (something I wish we had stopped earlier in hindsight) and within a few weeks he was sitting with a bit of a hunch like he was in pain. One morning I came down to find he had been to the toilet on the floor, which was really unusual.

We got him to the vets who said we need to get him to a specialist ASAP, so we took him to the specialist a few hours away but unfortunately by time we got him there he was paralysed. He got so distressed he stopped breathing so had to spend some time in the ICU. They operated on him the following morning and had to stay there for two weeks in recovery.

When Teddy came home he was on painkillers and the vet said he probably wouldn't walk again. I slept on the floor with Teddy for two months and he was in an open top crate so he didn't feel so "caged in" I had to learn to express his bladder and adapt everything around Teddy.

He had a physiotherapist come to the house once a week to perform a special massage (hydrotherapy wasn't an option as he hates water!). I researched what else could help and got many different supplements to help his bladder and nerves and also purchased a light therapy tool (lumasoothe).

We got a special pram so he could go outside but he HATED it! When Teddy was ready we got his wheels which he adapted to so quickly and this gave him a new lease of life. We had a glimmer of hope when he stood up a few times to eat and his deep pain sensation came back. But unfortunately Teddy lost this again after having an infection.

But 3 years on although Teddy isn't walking he's the happiest boy and is super fast on his wheels! He is so loved and we are so lucky to have him.


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