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Would A Back Brace Help My Dog Who Has IVDD Or Slipped Discs?

Would A Back Brace Help My Dog Who Has IVDD Or Slipped Discs?

Although a dog back brace will not cure IVDD or a slipped disc condition, it can provide comfort and protection to help alleviate your dog’s back pain. A dog back brace can also be used as part of physical rehabilitation, in long term cases of IVDD where ongoing management of the condition is needed.

A back brace can help support your dog’s back. Back braces are designed to support a dog’s spine and surrounding muscles, in order to provide spinal stability and relieve back pain.

A study analysing the effects of using a back brace showed that trunk stability was improved by wearing one. This implied that back braces might also offer pain relief, improve the gait of a dog with a spinal cord injury and relieve the hypersensitivity associated with IVDD.

You can read the test report here:

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Read more about IVDD Causes, Prevention and Help at Home: 

Find the best dog Back Braces here:

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