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Back / IVDD Surgery Left My Dog Paralysed. What Should I Do?

Back / IVDD Surgery Left My Dog Paralysed. What Should I Do?

When a dog has IVDD surgery, there's the possibility that they'll be left partially or totally paralysed. This paralysis will affect their back legs, and possibly tail.

IVDD surgery is deemed successful in 90% of Stage 1-4 cases. However, sadly, 30-40% of Stage 5 dog IVDD operations (that take place within 24 hours of start of symptoms) won’t be successful.

If your dog is paralysed in their back legs, there are a few options:

  • A dog wheelchair can transform your dog's life. This will allow your dog to maintain the ability to move about and go for walks.  You might have to learn how to express your dog’s bladder too, as bladder control may have been affected by the IVDD.

Sometimes a dog’s quality of life will be so bad after failed surgery, your vet and you will have to discuss the option of euthanasia.  Although heartbreaking, sometimes this is the kindest decision you can make for your dog.

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