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Albie, the Dog, Suffered a Traumatic IVDD Injury

Albie, the Dog, Suffered a Traumatic IVDD Injury

A year ago Albie suffered a traumatic dog IVDD injury which left him unable to move or feel his hind limbs (paraplegic). He was 6 years old and just running on the beach while on holiday when he suddenly fell down. He was rushed to the vets in Bridlington where he had bloods and X Rays taken but mainly his temperature was through the roof. They cooled him down, gave him pain relief and booked us into a Swift Referrals Centre in Wetherby (near Leeds).

We rushed straight there about 70 miles away. He had MRI scans but they said IVDD surgery was not an option due to the location and the damage on his spine. They also told us he had swelling on the brain and it was touch and go, he was in intensive care for 3 weeks. The surgeon phoned every morning but said he didn't want to eat. I asked if we could fetch him home so they took his catheter out and he came home.

We slept on a mattress in the living room next to him for 6 months. We started taking him to hydrotherapy once a week and the same lady came to the house once a week to do physio. We did this for about a year. It was about 3 months before any movement in Albie’s back legs, we used an electric toothbrush to tickle him which seemed to help. 

He still needs help to walk but slowly he is getting stronger. We are on our second ‘help em up harness' and he loves his dog wheels for his cardio as we have been told he needs to lose weight so no more treats! 

He does need the aid of an anti knuckling boots on his right hind to assist with correct foot placement when out and about, we don't think he will walk again unaided, but as long as he is happy.

Albie still sees his physiotherapist for regular physio and laser sessions to help make sure he stays comfy, manage all the compensation and continue to make progress with his exercises. We live right next to a park so its ideal for him to run. Luckily we are both retired so have plenty of time for him. 

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