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Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery (TPLO Surgery) - What Happens, Is It Successful and What Should I Know?

Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery (TPLO Surgery) - What Happens, Is It Successful and What Should I Know?

Surgical options, such as TPLO surgery for dogs, are often recommended for moderate to severe cruciate ligament injuries. TPLO surgery is the most common surgery used to correct a cruciate ligament injury.

What Does TPLO Surgery Do?

The aims of TPLO surgery are to alter the biomechanics of the knee joint, reducing stress on the damaged ligament and promoting long-term stability. It involves reshaping the bone to stabilise the knee joint and help healing. After cruciate ligament surgery, your vet will provide specific post-operative care instructions for a successful recovery.

Post TPLO Surgery: What Happens

Post-surgery, your dog will require a period of rest and restricted activity to allow for proper healing. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises are likely to be recommended, to help regain strength and mobility in the affected leg. It's also important that your dog’s joint is supported - this can be achieved with a supportive brace.

Here at Zoomadog, we have a range of braces which can help with cruciate ligament recovery. A brace worn pre-and post-surgery, drastically reduces muscle wasting and means, not only that physical therapy is more effective, but outcomes post-surgery are considerably improved.

A further factor to consider is that once your dog has sustained a cruciate ligament injury in one knee, they are at a 60% chance of injuring their other knee too. Applying a brace to the ‘healthy’ leg can be a great preventative measure to help to avoid this from occurring.


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Best Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces

Find our full range of Dog Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces below. If you are looking for an alternative to ACL surgery, these cruciate knee braces can be a substitute

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