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After Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery (TPLO) - What Is the Recovery Time?

After Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery (TPLO) - What Is the Recovery Time?

The recovery time from a cruciate knee surgery is generally several weeks to several months.  Recovery time post-surgery will vary from dog to dog, to fully recover from a cruciate ligament injury, depending on the severity of the injury, amount of muscle wasting pre-surgery etc. each individual case will be slightly different.

Post-surgery care is critical for the success of TPLO surgery.  so take the time in the following months to do all you can for your dog.

This can include:

  • Rest - the first step post-cruciate surgery is to rest and limit activity. Do not let your dog jump up on the sofa, up / down stairs, into the car etc. 
  • Physiotherapy - book an appointment with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can help your dog reduce pain and increase flexibility and muscle movement. The physio will give you exercises to carry out at home.
  • Hydrotherapy - Hydrotherapy can relieve pain and inflammation. Exercising in water is weightless, helping the knee. Hydrotherapy increases limb use, muscle bulk and tone, and strengthens joint support. 
  • Laser - Often administered by a physiotherapist or vet, laser therapy is an innovative treatment that has gained popularity recently as veterinarians discover its benefits for pets. Used similarly to acupuncture, massage therapy, and other alternative therapies. 
  • Get a knee brace - this will support the knee, reduce the chance of further injury and increase the healing process. You can find knee braces here:   
  • Get a deep soft bed - this will help recover your dog's knee
  • Ramps and rubber mats around the house - think about putting some ramps and mats around the house to give your dog the maximum about of grip and traction around the house

Read more about Cruciate Knee Ligament injuries here - Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Find Cruciate Ligament Knee Braces here

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