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How Does a Dog Wheelchair Work For My Dog?

How Does a Dog Wheelchair Work For My Dog?

A dog wheelchair takes the weight off your dog’s back legs and hips. This means if your dog has any weakness in their back or back legs, a dog wheelchair will help hold them up and allow them to still exercise like before.

Depending on your dog's size , you put their back legs into the leg holes positioned at the back of the wheelchair. With the wheelchair, you also get a front harness included in the wheelchair kit. You put this harness on your dog, and then clip the harness onto the side bars of the wheelchair. The harness and clips are what secure the front of your dog to the wheelchair.

If your dog has limited use of their back legs

If your dog can use their back legs, even if only partially, and you’d like to keep the muscle mass up, then we suggest you keep your dog’s legs down, so that their paw pads are lightly touching the ground. You can add dog boots to protect the skin and also give grip. The advantage of putting their paws on the floor is that they will keep their muscles active.

If your dog is completely paralysed

If your dog’s back legs are completely paralysed, or your dog’s unable to use their back legs at all, then it’s recommended you put your dog’s back legs up in stirrups (also included in the wheelchair kit). This will mean your dog can get around but the back legs aren’t stopping movement, dragging along the ground, or getting damaged (which can happen if they’re paralysed and have no sensation).

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