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Next Day Delivery £15 Available
What Type Of Dog Wheelchair Should I Get in the UK?

What Type Of Dog Wheelchair Should I Get in the UK?

At Zoomadog we only sell one dog wheelchair brand, Walkin Pets.

We have been selling this brand for over 10 years as it’s the safest on the market. Be careful what dog wheelchair brand you buy, make sure it is safe, and well made.

We recommend:

  • A dog wheelchair made from light materials, so it’s easy for your dog to pull around.
  • Made from robust metal - aluminium is best. This means it will last a long time and you can easily resell it.
  • Well designed, so it doesn’t tip over or become unbalanced when your dog is exercising.
  • Includes a good front harness which is comfortable for your dog.
  • Includes stirrups, or similar, so you have the option to get your dog’s back legs off the floor if necessary.
  • Includes replacement parts, so if your dog breaks one part you don’t need to buy a whole new wheelchair, just that single part.
  • At Zoomadog, we also offer completely free fitting help. You can send in videos of your dog in your’s dog wheelchair, and we will help you get the fit perfect.

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Read how dog wheelchairs can transform your dog's life

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Looking for help with your dog?

Looking for help with your dog?

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