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My Dog has IVDD. Would a Dog Wheelchair Help?

My Dog has IVDD. Would a Dog Wheelchair Help?

Yes a wheelchair can help your dog with IVDD.

Depending on the severity and prognosis of your dog’s IVDD, a wheelchair can be incredible for mobility and, as a result, improve your dog’s quality of life.

Sometimes IVDD surgery for the more severe dog IVDD cases doesn’t work and a dog is still left paralysed or with only very restricted movement in the rear legs. In these situations a wheelchair will be invaluable.

If your dog has movement

If your dog has some movement in the rear legs, then they can still touch the ground and in this way the wheelchair will help to keep muscle tone. On very rare occasions the wheelchair can also have a rehabilitative function, where a dog will slowly start improving and regaining mobility, because the muscles of the legs are being used again. This allows the dog to rebuild strength while healing the spine.

If your dog is fully paralysed from dog IVDD

Otherwise, a fully paralysed dog will have their hind legs up in stirrups and be able to get around using their front legs.

Wheelchair belly supports are recommended for dogs with IVDD, or dog spine problems, so add a belly support to your wheelchair order (they’re not included in the standard wheelchair kit). Belly supports just give your dog’s spine a little extra support, and your dog’s weight is then distributed through that and the leg rings, rather than just the leg rings. 

Speak with your vet about how soon your dog can be fitted for the wheelchair after IVDD surgery. 

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