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Luxating Patella – Can I Use A Knee Brace To Help My Dog?

Luxating Patella – Can I Use A Knee Brace To Help My Dog?

There are a range of braces which can help your dog if they suffer from a luxating patella. Whether your dog is being managed non-surgically and needs the support of a brace, or they've undergone surgery and you want them to have additional joint support, a brace can make a huge difference to their recovery. Here at Zoomadog we stock a variety of braces, offering different levels of support.

For light support look at:

The Walkabout Cruciate Dog Knee Brace, this is a lightweight dog brace used to treat minor to major joint issues

Tailwindpets Cruciate Dog Knee Brace helps support your dog's knee and redistributes load on the joint

The Kruuse Dog Knee Protector is the lightest neoprene support we sell and offers a simple solution to support the muscles and tendons of the knee, kneecap, mild arthritis etc.

For moderate support look at:

Balto Jump Knee Brace, this is our most popular knee brace, it is excellent for providing extra support and strength for dogs with issues with their knee joints

There is also the Double Balto Jump Brace if your dog needs support for both back legs

The Tailwinds Cruciate Hinged Knee Brace immobilises the lateral displacement of the knee and compensates loss of joint functionality

For firm support look at:

The Balto Ligatek Adjustable Hinged Dog Knee Brace. This is the most sophisticated knee brace, offering the most stability for a variety of knee injuries and issues. It's highly customisable for your dog and can provide long-term support

Additionally, we stock a Custom Knee Brace. A custom knee brace can give your dog the highest level of knee support. With different breeds and dogs in so many different shapes and sizes, it can sometimes be difficult for an ‘off the shelf’ brace to fit your dog's specific measurements correctly, and deliver the maximum benefit. This brace will support the knee correctly, which will in turn reduce pain, increase mobility, and allow for faster healing. This custom brace can be used pre- or post surgery, but is also an excellent alternative if your dog is unable to have surgery.

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What is Luxating Patella in Dogs?

Patella Luxation is when your dogs kneecap no longer slides up and down smoothly in your dogs thigh. When your dog has luxating patella, they are likely to limp occasionally

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