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What Conservative Management Can I Do For My Greyhound’s Corn To Avoid Surgery?

What Conservative Management Can I Do For My Greyhound’s Corn To Avoid Surgery?

So here are some things which you can do for your Greyhound at home to help with the management of corns.

Ultimately you want to soften the pad and corn, this can be done through a number of methods.

  • Get some corn boots!

If your dog is experiencing discomfort while walking or putting weight through their paws, providing protection and comfort with dog boots can make the difference between them being able to go for a walk or not. We strongly advise you look at Hunnyboots here. 

  • Softening

Regularly applying any sort of oily salve or lotion such as Berts Bees, Farriers Original M&S Cream, Bag Balm or even Kerasal or similar. Regularly applying and rubbing in any of these into your greyhound’s paw and corns means that they become softer.

With your greyhounds pad softer, not only is it more comfortable for your dog but it can be possible for the corn to be more easily removed, either using tweezers or even by just giving it a good squeeze.

  • Filing

Once the corn is softened from the gaffer tape or balm or soaking or a combination of these, you can then file the corn down so it is flush with the pad. While this may provide some relief, the corn will reform, so you must be diligent and keep on top of it.

  • Epsom salt baths

You can also try Epsom salts. Soak your Greyhound’s paw for 10 minutes twice a day. These soaks also help to draw the corn out, so that it can be more easily removed.

  • Gaffer tape

Place a piece of gaffer tape (the silver one) big enough to cover the corn and leave for approximately 6 days (you can just re-apply if it falls off). This can be repeated as often as needed.

Once you see the corn starting to pull off with the tape as you are changing it, keep going and eventually it will start to lift and you will be able to squeeze the corn out.

In this way, repeated application of duct tape to the corn will essentially hull it, but it can take a few weeks, so is not always appropriate if your dog is in a lot of pain. This is a very effective method which many people find by far the simplest and most successful.

Following this up with the application of an anti-viral cream to the affected area has been found to have better and more long-lasting results.

Join the Excellent Facebook Group

There is an excellent Facebook group called 'Greyhounds with Corns' especially designated to greyhounds with corns. Greyhound owners share ideas, treatments and frustrations with corns.

Join the Facebook group Greyhounds with Corns here.

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